Survey Research: In-Person, Mail, Telephone and Web Methods

By Joseph J. Leon, Wayne C. Brown, Libby O. Ruch and Thomas E. Johnson
Spiral-bound, 186 pages, Publisher: Streamline Surveys, Inc. 
ISBN 0-9668165-1-X
First Edition: January, 2003

This book is written in a user friendly style for persons and organizations (business, government and non-profits) wanting to write and/or execute  a valid survey or wanting a good grounding in survey research methods. Example survey questions are from areas in business to the areas in the social sciences. Graduate students will also benefit from this book if they need to field a survey as part of their research activities.  Advanced sources are recommended for those who want to specialize in survey research or subfields of sampling and/or data analysis.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1         Introduction to Survey Research 

Chapter 2         Ethics and Survey Research

Chapter 3         Proposing a Survey

Chapter 4         Deciding on the Population and Sampling

Chapter 5         Developing and Fielding a Mail Survey

Chapter 6         Developing and Fielding an In-Person Structured Interview

Chapter 7         Developing and Fielding a Telephone Interview Survey

Chapter 8         Developing and Fielding a Web Survey

Chapter 9         Data Entry, Processing and Computing Technology

Chapter 10       Data Analysis

Chapter 11       Presenting the Survey Research Using Charts

Chapter 12      Sample Research Report

Appendix A      Alphabetical Listing of Country’s Census Web Site in the English Language

Appendix B      A Sample Table of Random Numbers


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