Survey Techniques for Homeowners Associations and Property Managers: Mailout and Handout Questionnaires

By Joseph J. Leon, Wayne C. Brown, Libby O. Ruch and Deborah N. Brown
Spiral-bound: 71 pages Publisher: Streamline Surveys, Inc.
ISBN: 0966816501
First edition: August, 1997

This book provides Homeowners Associations and Property Managers with a powerful and valuable tool to understand the needs and satisfactions of homeowners. It includes, proposing a questionnaire survey, working with your homeowners association, developing the questionnaire, data entry, data analysis and report presentation. Such survey information can assist the property manager and the homeowners association board of directors to evaluate the contract performance of vendors, job performance of employees and gain data indicating approval or disapproval of long range plans or future infrastructure investments.

Table of Contents

Part I Why Survey Homeowners

Part II Proposing A Survey

Part III Deciding on the Population to Survey

Part IV Developing the Questionnaire

Part V Summarizing the Results of the Questionnaire

Part VI Charts

Part VII Presenting the Results to the Homeowners Association

Part VII If You Need Assistance

Appendix A1: Sample One-Page Proposal

Appendix A2: Blank One-Page Proposal

Appendix A3: General Time Line

Appendix B1: Background to Landscape Committee Survey

Appendix B2: Sample Landscape Committee Survey

Appendix C1: Sample Cover Letter

Appendix C2: Sample Follow-Up Cover Letter Index

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The book is written for your specific situation.
You may do much or all of the survey yourself saving considerable expense.
We make all aspects of survey research easy.

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