Panel Build Services for Online Survey Consumer Communities

An online interactive community is built for the exclusive purpose of engaging the members in a variety of research initiatives.

With our experienced research team and our marketing network we can develop an online consumer community panel according to your research criteria. We recruit online consumer community members through our long-standing relationships with a variety of online marketing networks rather than one or two places only.

To build your consumer online community, your firm would need an online survey platform (or we can host through our partner, e-Research-Global), where we would send possible community members to register. There you take the information necessary to start engaging your new members with online consumer surveys. We would assist with the development of questions and answers for the registration survey to join your specialized online consumer community. Generally, those who might be interested in joining an online community would want to know up front what is involved (example, survey every month) & what is the value for them (learning more about new products, services, cash, other rewards, etc.). Please click link to see example Demonstration Online Community Panel Recruit Survey.

We would also determine your initial budget requirement to recruit the new online community members. A major cost is the ad announcing the new community and the cost of each new member.

For your consumer online community, you would decide on the demographics (age, gender, etc.) and other profile information necessary for your consumer panel. Generally, the larger the community/panel, the more specific the targets, the longer it takes to develop and the higher your costs.

Online custom community panels - consumer or customer are best used when you plan to use an online survey at least 2 times a month to keep your community engaged over time. Like survey panels, these the custom communities will lose members over time and you will need to plan for additional recruitment every few months.

If your firm would like us to not only assist with development, but assist with collecting the recruitment information and management of the online community for surveys, we can do that through where we are a stragetic partner. Costs will be more than if managed by your firm.

To get started, please let us know answers for the below and send in email to

  • General Name for Your Online Community
  • Number of Members to be Recruited
  • Geograhic Country Location of New Community Members
  • And whether you have an online survey system or would like it to be managed through or another firm.