Market Analysis Brazil

We are a full service marketing research & public opinion investigation company in Brazil, with offices in São Paulo and Florianópolis. Up until mid-2004, we have conducted over 500 projects in 20 Brazilian states, in addition to projects managed in other Latin American countries, combining quantitative and qualitative research, plus desk research, mystery shopping, and competitive intelligence studies.

We cover all Latin American countries through local, experienced and constantly trained fieldwork teams while centrally coordinating research planning, design, analysis and report, as well as all contacts with clients.

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Market Analysis Brazil


Our approach involves both the use of qualitative techniques such as focus groups, in-depth interviewing, mystery shopping/participant observation, as well as methods based on face-to-face interviewing, phone interviewing, mail & email interviewing followed by intensive, state-of-the-art statistical analysis of the data.

Our research practice is structured in a three-stage process. It starts working with clients on problem definition and study design. The second stage is expert execution of qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection, and in the final stage the most comprehensive assessment of issues, problems, and options using multivariate analytic methods.

Our research expertise is mainly focused on:

• Health
• Finance
• New technologies
• Telecommunications
• Travel and entertainment
• New concepts and products
• Public opinion and social behavior

We seek to provide essential customer market intelligence by focusing our research capabilities in:
Customer satisfaction evaluation and monitoring
New product and concept development
Pricing & demand-elasticity studies

Loyalty measuring and tracking

Brand and product positioning
Advertising response
Consumer panel


ESOMAR was founded in 1948 as the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research and today unites over 4000 members, both users and providers of research, in 100 countries around the world.

Excellence Mystery Shopping International is the unique international structure specialized in mystery shopping studies-client relation.

Fieldworld coordinates worldwide data collection within a partner network.

The Qualitative Research Consultants Association is a not-for-profit association of consultants involved in the design and implementation of qualitative research — focus groups, in-depth interviews, in-context and observational research.

The Brazilian Research Companies Association is the leading institutional representative of market and opinion research agencies in Brazil.


While performing sophisticated statistical analysis of data that seeks to model likely scenarios for products/services, identify determinants of attitudes and behaviors, portray social and attitudinal segments that should be targeted, and illustrate causal relationships behind acceptability of particular features, the trade-offs consumers and decision-makers make between them and the specific effect of price upon individual choice.


(ICPSR/University of Michigan, Roper Center/University of Connecticut) with a record of servicing international clients such as AMERICAN EXPRESS (in Brazil, Panama and Puerto Rico), RONIN Corporation (in Brazil), ROCHE-POULANC (in Argentina), and SWIFT-ARMOUR (in Argentina), among others, in the past years.

Our team has worked in association with other top research organisations like KAE DEVELOPMENT (U.K.), MORI DE ARGENTINA and MORI DE MÉXICO as well.

Professionals from multiple discipline areas compose the core team, both experienced in quantitative and qualitative techniques and trained in prestigious research centers such as University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, IEP Bordeaux (France), and top Brazilian universities like UFSC, UNICA, ESPM, and Universidade de Brasília. All of us have fluent English.

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Market Analysis Brazil