Streamline Surveys Research Design and Statistical Data Analysis Services

If you need assistance with your survey design or statistical methods for quantitative data analysis, we can consult with you on any aspect including questionnaire design and sampling, statistics and/or the data analysis to use. If you need help setting up your data file for data analysis or performing the data analysis we can assist here as well.

We work with large, medium and small businesses, not-for-profits, faculty and graduate students for their thesis or dissertation research.

Below is a list of statistical analyses we have performed in the past for our clients:


Univariate Statistics

Cross Tabulation


Bivariate Inferential Statistics

Analysis of Variance

Reliability Analysis

Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Partial Correlation

Linear Multiple Regression

Logistic Regression

Hierarchical Multiple Regression

Factor Analysis

Discriminant Analysis

Reliability Analysis

For a services quote regarding design of a survey which answers your research questions, statistical consultation or data analysis research services, please contact us by clicking on the email link below and let us know in writing where we can assist. If you have a data file or other information you can also attach in a Tab Delimited text file, MS Excel file or SPSS data file.



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