Streamline Surveys Online Web Survey Services for Hosting and/or Sample for Data Collection

Online Survey Host Only

Streamline Surveys Inc. is one of the owners of and has a proprietary interface to host your online web survey live within hours or the next day. We can also brand your hosted online survey with a gif or jped file. All our online web surveys are encrypted for security. Please note the https in the link below. Take a tour of our online survey capabilities by clicking the link below. None of your answers will be recorded.

Email us your closed and/or open-ended questions in the order you would like them using text, MS Word attachment, the number of completes and how long you want the survey to be live for a quote for services. If you want your online survey branded, email your gif or jpeg file within the following limits: 150 X 55 pixels as an attachment.

After the online survey is closed, we send you the results of your survey data collection by email attachment in a Tab Delimited text file or MS Excel data file within hours of the end of the survey period or the next day. The data files which are in the Tab Delimited text or Excel formats will allow you to import the data file into most statistical data analyses software packages or we can run your data analysis using SPSS. We have performed online surveys for the business and academic communities. Below is a listing of some of the types of online survey research we have performed:

Advertising Research
Attitudes Surveys
Association and Franchise Surveys Branding & Brand Equity Research
Client Satisfaction
Community Research
Concept Testing
Consumer Research
Corporate Image
Customer Satisfaction
Donor Research Health
Care Research Employee
Research International Marketing
Research Member
Needs Assessment
Member Satisfaction Research
Multi-Country Studies
Political Survey Research
Pricing Research
Product Research
Public Relations Research
Social Research
Summative (Outcome) Evaluation Research

Online Survey Host and Sending Email Invitations to Your Members Only

In addition to online survey hosting, we can send email invitations to your members. After our quote for services is accepted you will send us (by email) your email invitation(s) and also attach a text file or MS Excel file of the email addresses one per line.

We can also create an email invitation if you do not have one.

Online Sample

We have a proprietary online survey panel and also work with most other survey and market research sample providers. We can provide an online sample for your online survey whether it is hosted by us or by another firm or hosted on your online survey system. All online survey sample respondents (participants) are double-optin for taking online surveys for which all are rewarded.

Please send us by email the following online sampling information in your request for a quote for services.

General Topic for Survey:
Region - Country, States, Zip Codes:
Ages for Survey Population:
Gender: % female, % male
Other Survey Population Characteristics:
Length of Time to Complete Online Survey (Interview):
Number of Completed Surveys:
Incidence in the population (IR):

For a quote for any or all of these online survey research services, please contact us by clicking on the below email link and let us know in writing where we can assist.


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